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a little bit about me

I'm Natalia, the face behind the camera. I am 22 years old, currently finishing my digital media degree while also pursuing my passion for portrait and lifestyle photography in the city of Houston and beyond.

What drives me:

I love child psychology, digital marketing, and the idea of being a mom when it finally comes to be my time. I adore working with children and infants. Apart from that, I’m a very organized person and am always making multiple to-do lists for myself. On my free time, I love searching for cheap flights and scouting out new locations with my friends.

Who I am as a photographer:

I am inspired by connection and adventure. I strive to capture authentic emotions ensuring that everyone is having a good time while in the midst of creating beautiful keepsakes for you and your family. I have enjoyed every second of this journey and I look forward to creating with you.

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